Cloudmin Questions


We are current running solusvm. However I am getting tired of the high price of it and being closed source. We are looking at alternatives or making our own platform.

Doing the math, your licensing is a lot better, but I would like to know if its possible to have a monthly payment rather than annual. We would not mind using Cloudmin, but presently we can not go and pay $700+ at once. We also have a need for over 250 servers. We presently have over 270 servers including KVM, and OpenVZ.

We would also like to know if its possible to get any migration assistance to Cloudmin or if we would be on own own in porting over the MySQL database to cloudmin data files.




We don't yet offer a licence for over 250 VMs or monthly billing, but we could certainly work something out. An "unlimited VMs" licence would be something $1000 for the first year.

Regarding porting, Cloudmin can import running KVM, Xen and OpenVZ VMs based on their configuration files. However, it does not have the ability yet to read the SolusVM MySQL configuration.

Is there any possibility to pay the license in portions. It is cheaper than solusvm, but we wouldn't be able to pay a year in advance at this time without "saving" some profits for a few months.

And if its 1K the 1st year, how much to renew?

And regarding the porting, would you be able to assist in explaining the datafile structures/locations as we would have to write an import script for solusvm -> cloudmin.

Sure, we could work out a monthly payment option - say $100 / month over 10 months (for a yearly licence)?

Renews are normally 2/3 of the first year's cost.

Regarding the import process, Cloudmin stores the details of each VM in a plain-text file under /etc/webmin/servers . There isn't any formal documentation for the format, but it should be reasonably self-explanatory once you've create a VM using Cloudmin.

Would it be possible to get a free trial as I want to ensure that I can get everything migrated before I pay for that. It would be a VERY big move for us.

Sure - how long would you need the trial licence for?

Maybe a month. For us it would require changing some in-house systems API calls to solusvm, writing a cloudmin whmcs module since I can not seem to find one, and write a script to migrate all data from mysql DB to the text file storage you use. We would have to ensure all servers get imported as well.

Also, what is your average response time on pro customer issues? I feel I may need to get help on knowing what to call to create users or other functions for creating the importer.

You should also consider writing a importer framework for such situations so users can migrate to you easier.

The only reason I ask for a trial is I am believing I may need the pro version to develop certain features, though I may be wrong in that assumption? We do have a lot of templates and multiple server groups (locations). I just do not want to commit to a platform before I have our systems ready to use it.

I also will probably create a new drupal account here for licensing/billing reasons as this account was meant for personal use.

Lastly, you have any ETA figured out yet with the bootstrap project? I think your sales will shoot up if you get a better UI done as you seem to beat the competition otherwise. I mainly see you an option due to the fact you support opensource and I can actually build off your system and customize it. No other solution has allowed that. You also are not greedy on cost :).


Also can you give details on the partner program? Thanks.

Ok, I've issued you a 1-month trial licence for Cloudmin - you can download the install from . You will need to pro version if you want to manage multiple host systems and different virtualization types - the free versions only support either Xen or KVM on a single host.

Regarding WHMCS, they do already have a module that supports Cloudmin (similar to their Virtualmin plugin).

Also, our target turn-around time for support issues is at most 24 hours.

Could you please answer the rest of my questions?

Sorry, we don't have an ETA on the bootstrap project. It's being worked on though.

Regarding the Partner program -- that issue would probably be best answered by Joe. Could you open a new support request for that, since that's a bit of a different topic? Then we can point Joe to that, and he can go over your partner questions.

I will also state that I am interested in testing any of the bootstrap project. I really feel that it will be a major step for you guys and want our clients to be able to benefit from it.

I also would like to know how much you would be willing to offer a cloudmin unlimited lifetime license for?

Also is the cloudmin failover for the control panel to stay online, and if so is a license required for the failover master too?

I'll talk to Joe about our Cloudmin offerings and pricing (we don't have specific pricing for anything above a 250 yet), and we'll get back to you shortly on that.

And can you answer my other question?


If you have another Cloudmin instance that is a backup master, it can share the same licence.