Wordpress and Virtual server database password change

If I change the admin password for a virtual domain, the WP site stops working.
I need to change both the admin password for the virtual domain, AND the WP database password. what is the process here?

Thanks for your help

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The process right now is to manually adjust the database password in your web software's config files. Virtualmin doesn't do this for you - and it would probably be a bit out of its scope to try and do so, considering the myriad of web softwares there is, and the dozens of ways people might have set them up.

An exception, and possible useful feature request, might be software installed using the script installer, which Virtualmin thus knows how to configure and which has a certain direct link to it, and where Virtualmin puts the initial database password in the software's config file in the first place. Provided the admin didn't do any manual changes or manipulations, it'd be feasible to have Virtualmin do a search-and-replace on the config file as part of changing the domain's admin password.

Implementing this would not be trivial though, certainly something Jamie could do, but probably not just like that. :)

Howdy -- yeah, the issue you're seeing is that changing the admin password also changes the database password.

You could manually update WordPress to use the new password, that's one way to resolve it.

Another option is that you could go into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> MySQL Database, and there, you could set "MySQL password for new domains" to " Same as initial administration login".

That will prevent new domains from sync'ing the database password with the admin password, and they'll be managed separately.

Thanks Andrey - that helped!