Unable to add Google domain ownership TXT record

Trying to add a TXT record to verify domain ownership with Google on a virtualmin domain fails.

The error is: "Failed to save DNS record : Record name contains invalid characters"

An example verification TXT record looks like this: google-site-verification=djeA0O6_GZ0xQUtsQXJGZHiYPBXrEM_vGoNw5y42Ll4

I'm not sure what characters are invalid in that string. I've tried taking out the "=" sign, the underscores and also the dashes as a test and it still fails.

I was able to add the record by logging as root and adding a TXT record type to the zone in question via the BIND module.



I think the issue is that you are entering google-site-verification=djeA0O6_GZ0xQUtsQXJGZHiYPBXrEM_vGoNw5y42Ll4 as the record name, when it should really be the record value.

The name should be just the domain name, and the value should be google-site-verification=etc...