Backup Management

Backups from Virtualmin have been working well for years. I would like to find a decent way to manage the backups once they are created. We have daily backups for each of our server using strftime, each week overwrites the previous week so that we preserve the last week of each month. I would like to archive one or two backups for each month and keep the last months full week. I realize we could write a program which deletes backups after a fixed amount of time with the exceptions mentioned however I want to ask first if you know of any system which will archive backup files to another system and then remove old backups. Do you have a suggestion? Thanks, Jeff



Howdy -- one possible way of handling that would be to have multiple Scheduled Backups, and for certain ones, create a second destination (by clicking the "Add another destination" option).

Using that, you could send your backup archives to another location at regular intervals.

Thanks. That makes sense. I'll give that a try.