cannot restore backup reseller doesn't exist


I cannot restore a backup on a new server because the reseller (I had a pro version at one point) doesn't exist.

I am screwed, what can I do?





Howdy -- is your new server running Virtualmin Pro or GPL?

My new server is running gpl just as my old one which had at one point pro on it.

I tried restoring virtualmin settings to no avail.

Do you have an idea other then buying a pro version to remove OLD reseller information from accounts?



You should be able to avoid this by choosing to ignore warnings on the restore form.

there is no such choice in my restore form. Here is what I have

I receive this message: Are you sure you want to restore the selected domains and features from /root/backup-2014-01-09/ on SSH server Any existing data for the features in these domains will be over-written!

This backup cannot be restored due to the following errors : Reseller duk3ju5t1c3 does not exist

right after I click the button "show what will be restored"

I have seen your choice you're telling me about... trying to restore another server for which there has never been a reseller assigned... And I see the option you're telling me. This means that, since the error comes before the option to ignore errors... I am obliged to get a pro license to get the resellers out of accounts in order to restore certain domains.

Am I correct in assuming this?


EDIT: I have tried with several other domains and all is well but for those who, in the past, have been assigned a reseller. I have some 18-20 out of 53 in my server move... Can you lend me a pro version for half a day?

Ok, it turns out that due to a Virtualmin bug (which we will fix) the option to ignore restore warnings isn't always available :-(

However, there is a work-around. You can restore from the command line with a command like :

virtualmin restore-domain --source /backup/ --all-domains --all-features --skipwarnings

would there, by any chance, a possibility that I get access to a pro license for half a day, I am not good with console.

I would remove reseller information then make my server move.

I am willing to pay for a week's worth just to make my server move.



We can help you with the command line syntax.

The process of upgrading to Pro is simpler than the process of downgrading back to GPL -- you would need to perform more work on the command line in order to do that.

So it might be simpler for us to help you with the syntax needed to restore those backups.

Do you have a client you can use in order to login to your server via SSH? On Windows, Putty is commonly used for that.

Your solution is a no go for the time being.

Is there a way to remove a reseller from the command line? with my gpl version I mean.

I need to remove reseller "dukejustice".



My goodness this would be simpler if you'd fix the bug in version 4.05 to come

You can do a restore from the command line that will ignore the missing reseller.

All you need is root SSH access to your system, which you should have already as it was needed to install Virtualmin. Just SSH in and run the command :

virtualmin restore-domain --source /backup/ --all-domains --all-features --skipwarnings

But replace /backup/ with the actual path to the domain's backup file.