[feature request] alternative mail delivery agent + derived stats

Hi there,

We are using the dovecot LDA + Sieve to handle our email and offer the ability for users to set their filters and such. So we are no longer using procmail. Statistics derived from procmail thus no longer work (virus+spam+delivered messages). We are still using spamassassin though, so the information is there, and the dovecot LDA also nicely mentions that a message had been delivered.

Jan 6 09:46:36 XXX dovecot: lda(user-domain.tld): sieve: msgid=a473450cc3b2fcd7cc25b6598a40fd5a@domain.tld: stored mail into mailbox 'INBOX'

Where the optional part is the INBOX which can be different according to the used filters.

For spamassassin:

Jan 6 09:46:36 XXX spamd[41237]: spamd: clean message (-1.0/5.0) for user@domain.tld:uid in 0.2 seconds, 2121 bytes. for a clean message,

and Jan 6 08:32:21 XXX spamd[41237]: spamd: identified spam (67.3/5.0) for user@domain.tld:uid in 0.4 seconds, 99375 bytes.
for a spam message.

would it be possible to update the spam handling software to use an alternate delivery agent? mailbox_command = /usr/local/bin/spamc -U /var/run/spamd/spamd.sock -e /usr/local/libexec/dovecot/deliver -a "$RECIPIENT" -f "$SENDER"

and then also update the stats if people are using dovecot+sieve to handle email delivery?

Thanks Remko

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I suppose those log entries could also be checked for when counting the number of spam messages.

I'll add this in the next Virtualmin release.

If possible and wished I would like to test it out for you, we have a VMin pro installation running :)

We should have a new release out soon.

We should have a new release out soon.

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