Server-specific maintenance notes

Not sure if I missed some existing feature here, so please bear with me: It would be really useful if webmin itself could show tabs for "notes/todo/history" on the index page to help maintain a list of admin related items. Often times, different people may be accessing a server and so it would be a good idea to provide a "scratch pad"-type area of custom notes, but also some kind of "todo" list, as well as a history of past jobs.

Likewise, making these optional fields also available to each virtualmin vhost would also help organize things a little there.



You can actually define per-domain custom fields already, which could be used to enter these kinds of notes. This can be setup at System Customization -> Custom Fields.

right, I use that feature already - could we have some sort of "profile" support for custom fields ? Basically, a profile would be a list of custom fields with attributes to specify if they're optional or required, and maybe an explicit order.

And to be in line with the original idea, we would need a simple way to show these custom fields on the index page in cloudmin/virtualmin/webmin.

For example, proxmox has support for a "Notes" field that can be edited by all root users, so that maintenance related notes can be added there.

Ideally, we could have a tabbed UI for "notes", "todo", "history" shown as part of the index pages in cmin/vmin/wmin.

These fields would be configured in a "profile" (or template).


The order for custom fields is always the same as the order they are added on the Custom Fields page. And you can also control on that page if they are editable by root or all users, and if they appear in the list of domains.

There isn't any way to make a field mandatory yet though. I'm not sure what the correct behaviour would be if you added a new mandatory field and then edited a domain that didn't have it set yet.