Add ASSP as part of anti-spam solution on Virtualmin

Feature request:

I'd love to see you integrate ASSP as part of VMs anti-spam tools. I am hoping you will take a look and integrate.

Thanks guys!
-- Craig



We haven't looked into ASSP ... how is it better than SpamAssassin? Integrating a new spam filter is a lot of work, so we wouldn't be likely to do it unless there are big advantages.

ASSP is much more than just a spam filter like SpamAssassin. It's an SMTP proxy with tons of features - a very complex piece of software actually. It might not be easy to integrate it without causing heaps of configuration trouble especially for newbies. :) Also I'm not sure if it's better suited for stable production use than what Virtualmin uses and configures right now.

It sounds like you could manually setup ASSP on a virtualmin system as another layer of spam filtering. If it is an smtp proxy, this would have no conflict with the existing spamassassin based filtering.

Of course if you want to run it on the same system, you'll need a bit of manual tweaking, since ASSP will want to listen on port 25 (Postfix needs to be moved to another port), and things like that.

I'd definitely recommend testing this on an experimental system first!

I'm sorry guys, not sure what I was thinking when I posted this - need more rest. We need to deploy this on separate hardware then forward to the internal mail servers. Sorry to waste your time on this one!! :)