"Set default features from plan when creating server" setting for the API

Currently there is this handy option in Virtualmin Configuration under User Interface called "Set default features from plan when creating server?" which if set to "no" in my scenario allows some features to be disabled at first. Basically I do this because while I offer things such as Mailman or Git repositories, I don't want Virtualmin to set those up automatically on server creation but rather leave the client the option to enable the feature himself if he needs it. This works fine within the Virtualmin UI, however if I use the remote API to create a server, all features get enabled so basically that setting has no effect on the API. Would be very nice if it would though :)

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Are you using the features-from-plan option when calling the remote API? It is needed to have features set based on the plan selected.

In the URL, it would look like


Actually I had features-from-plan, but what I needed was default-features :) Thanks for the hint, I actually looked at the docs but kind of missed it.

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