can you help me with name server? please? 've tried that does not work please



Howdy -- the best place to ask questions about Virtualmin GPL are in the Forums.

It looks like you asked about Nameservers in the Forums a few weeks ago, myself and Locutus had responded to you here:

If you had any additional questions about nameservers, feel free to post any follow up questions there.

In your post, be sure to explain any problems you are having, and any errors you are seeing.


Unfortunately not Know me with Virtualmin.

Unfortunately had only cpanel which is expensive.

Have tried it. you can not.

Like Eric said, please post in the forums (e.g. in the thread you started and that Eric linked to), and explain in detail what problems you're seeing. "Can you help me" is much too generic. Help you with what exactly? But please reply in the forum, this section is for Virtualmin Pro customers.