move an image file from default location to location on host fails

setup is as follows: 1 cloudmin master named has images in /var/webmin/server-manager/ 2 x Xen hypervisors where we've mounted a nfs shared storage at /cloud_shares/template_images/data/

we're trying to move the images to that host location. i'm not sure what happens due to the fact that's it's a nfs share in case it tries to write to each host but when we go to: Cloudmin Settings>New System Images>Created locally ,

select the image checkbox and then click Move to All Storage locations we get the following error (it takes a while so it seems to do some network transfer):

Copying to image storage location /cloud_shares/template_images/data/ on host system .. .. copy failed : Failed to copy from to : command-line line 0: Missing argument. lost connection

what could cause this?



So do both the host systems you are trying to copy that image to mount the same directory via NFS? The issue may be that one copy is over-writing the other.

A better option may be to have Cloudmin copy the image to the NFS server system - that way it will be copied to the appropriate host as needed (assuming they are on the same LAN). Since the copy will be done via SSH, it should be faster than via NFS.