Update Mysql

hi the migration to the new server and 'over and everything is working properly. My distribution and 'a Centos 6.4 64bit, I saw that the version of MySQL and' the MySQL version 5.1.69 and 'can do an upgrade? And 'advisable to upgrade to 5.5? And 'possible to have a helping hand to do the update?



Howdy -- we recommend using the package versions that are provided by your Linux distribution... the version provided by RHEL/CentOS is 5.1.69.

While it is possible to enable a third party repository to get MySQL 5.5, using third party repositories is not something we would recommend.

RHEL/CentOS will backport bugfixes and security fixes into the MySQL version they ship, so you're using a secure MySQL version.

I wanted to do the update 'cause it's a strange thing happened when I imported various domains through the restore procedure, and' success that a domain seemingly at random has lost its mysql db ... on the summary screen of virtualmin e'ra no more 'an option for "edit databases" and if I tried to open the website, I went out the error "unable to connect to database" Any idea what might have happened?

If you're seeing problems with the databases of some domains, we could certainly look into that.

However, that's not likely due to the MySQL version, it sounds like something else is going awry there.

The MySQL version that comes with CentOS is considered to be very solid.