ISSUE - Command to run after making changes to a server

Hi There,

Just a quick question regarding the above mentioned feature of Virtualmin.

I have created a very basic script as per the documentation for this feature in order to create DNS records in Amazon's Route 53.

All is working well when domains are added or deleted, however the issue I'm having is when a domain is modified, and by that I mean a DNS record is changed. This does NOT seem to trigger the running of the script.

It appears to be a limitation of the Virtualmin system, as when looking at the PowerDNS plugin, I notice that it has the same issue ie domains are added to the database when they are created, and deleted when they're deleted, but not altered when records are changed.

Is there any hack I can use to force Virtualmin to run that same script whenever records are modified using the virtualmin "Server Configuration -> DNS Records" facility?

I have tried looking through the source code to add something in but I'm afraid your excellent code it a little bit above my capabilities right now.

My Virtualmin serial number is 5559076.

Many Thanks for your help.

Regards, Lachlan Fletcher. Dream Jam Pty Ltd



Sorry, but currently changing the DNS records does not trigger the post-domain change script.

For now, the only option I could suggest is a cron job that runs periodically to sync local DNS domains with Amazon.