[POSTFIX] IPv6 Sender dependant IP Adresses

Hey Ho!

As one can now add "sender dependant ip(v4) adresses, I would really like to have this for ipv6 adresses as mail gets rejected sometimes.

Postfix by default seems to use the last ipv6 adress assigned to eth0.

Any hints on how to accomplish this? Otherwise this is considered a feature requesst ;)

Cheers, Cedric

Closed (fixed)


That may be possible - but do you want to set separate IPv4 and v6 addresses for outgoing connections for each domain? Because it doesn't look like Postfix supports this.

Hi Jamie;

I have a clear idea on how this should be accomplished, please correct me, if I am wrong:

Virtualmin adds entries to /etc/postfix/dependent to wire up individual transports.

In master cf, if creates corresponding entries: smtp-13722510452511 unix - - - - - smtp -o smtp_bind_address=

Postfix supports "-o smtp_bind_address" which is used for ipv4 addresses. "-o smtp_bind_address6" does the same for ipv6 addresses.

So now the manual solution to my problem (Mail was rejected from freenet.de, bc the ipv6 of the servers fqdn was used for sending and this wasnt registered as MX in DNS for the customers domain), was to insert the mentioned "-o smtp_bind_address6=" to master cf to the corresponding entry which contained the customers ipv6 address.

I hope you get, what i mean :-)

Cheers, Cedric

Thanks - I didn't realize that separate v4 and v6 addresses could be specified. I will have Virtualmin do this in the 4.04 release.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Did the feature make it into 4.04? The changelog doesnt make it too obvious :)

Yes, it did. You may need to disable and then re-enable the sender-dependent IP for a domain to have the v6 address also added.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.