RFE: Log Rotate Configuration Options

I would like to request two enhancements to the current log rotation functionality in Virtualmin (enabled by the "Logrotate log file truncation enabled?" option in the Virtualmin module configuration).

First, similar to the Apache and BIND module configurations, I would like to see an option to add Webmin/Virtualmin logrotate directives to a separate file or directory. The logical path for this, at least on Red Hat and Fedora-based systems, is in /etc/logrotate.d. All webmin directives could be stored in a file called "webmin" there, or a separate webmin directory could be created to store each domain in a separate file.

Secondly, the log rotation settings for Virtualmin must be configurable. It seems like the settings are currently hard-coded upon virtual server creation and not modifiable afterwards, aside from manually editing the logrotate.conf file (and then I'm not sure how persistent they would be). I would like to change these default options from rotating weekly and keeping only 5 weeks of logs to rotating monthly and possibly keeping 3-12 months of logs, depending on virtual server activity and available disk space.

Closed (fixed)