Couple things I want to check on.

Like I said earlier, still getting acclimated to virtualmin, just want to make sure this is normal. :)

About 10 minutes after I create a virtual server, I'll get an email telling me the monitor has detected that the site has gone down. Attached a screengrab of the email.

Also, if I head to the address in my browser, I'll see that it is forbidden. I have just created the virtual server, and there is nothing in it other than the default stuff. Is this normal?

thanks so much!



Howdy -- yeah, what you're seeing there is expected. You can uncheck the Status Monitor feature if you don't wish to receive those monitoring emails.

You can resolve the "Forbidden" error by uploading a website of some sort (or even just a plain index.html file).

Once you've uploaded a website, the status monitor emails will stop (unless there's an actual problem, of course! :-)