Wordpress install (access) fails


Given the popularity of Cpanel (and Wordpress, via Fantastico and other script installers), I'd like to request similar "simple to deploy" functionality be added to Virtualmin / Webmin. I'm sure it's "possible" to do what I want with V/Webmin, but it's certainly not obvious, and requires too much technical skill and too many steps for "average" (or even modestly technical) users to do the simple tasks they want...

Having said the "summary", here are the specifics:

0) I do NOT want to manage DNS on my own server.

1) MyDomain.com -- DNS being handled by cloudflare.com

2) sub-server1.MyDomain.com A record set up with cloudflare.com

3) VPS, running stripped down version of CentOS6.4 (patched up via yum)

4) Latest rev of Virtualmin / Webmin

5) Virtual Host created for MyDomain.com

6) Working apache install on MyDomain.com

7) Created MySQL user (with appropriate permissions) for MyDomain.com

8) Installed/configured Wordpress on MyDomain.com -- works

9) Created sub-server1.MyDomain.com

10) Created MySQL user (with appropriate permissions) for sub-server1.MyDomain.com

11) Installed/configured Wordpress on sub-server1.MyDomain.com -- no errors reported

12) Tried to access sub-server1.MyDomain.com/wp-admin -- DOES NOT CONNECT

What I WANT is: ability to have working Wordpress installs on {sub-server-name(s)}.MyDomain.com

This isn't working... what am I missing?



Howdy -- Virtualmin Pro actually does have an Install Script for installing WordPress. You can install that, or over 100 other apps, with just a button click.

Also, it's no problem if you don't wish to host DNS on your server... if you don't want to host DNS, just make sure that the "DNS Domain" feature is disabled for that domain. You can do that by going into Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features, and in there, make sure that DNS Domain is disabled.

If you're having problems with not being able to connect to your website, there can be a few different causes for that... Apache not running, DNS not working properly for that sub-domain, and a firewall/router blocking connections, to name a few.

What you're describing normally works out of the box though.

If the above thoughts don't help with the issue you're seeing -- since it looks like you're running Virtualmin GPL there, you'd want to use the Forums to obtain additional help. The Support area here is for folks using Virtualmin Pro. We monitor the Forums, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community!

What we'd suggest is starting a new forum thread, and in there, let us know the exact error message you see when trying to connect to your website.

Also, if you're able to provide the exact domain that's having problems, that would aid in identifying the problem.