Webmin Modules not disappearing/appearing as per server template of virtual server


I have had the issue where I would want to change some webmin module visibility, so that they no longer appear.

As master admin I go to System settings --> Server Templates --> Choose Template --> Administrator Webmin's Module.

Here I have put settings such as Running Processes and Change Passwords to No and for some reason when I save it, they still remain there and still allow the user to change those and see running processes.



Howdy -- Server Templates are, in general, just templates for how new accounts will be created. Updating the Server Templates will affect new domains, but not existing domains.

To change what modules an existing user can see, you can go into Webmin -> Webmin -> Webmin Users -> USERNAME -> Available Webmin modules, and there, you can uncheck modules that you don't wish that user to have access to.


Thanks for your prompt reply, however this didn't seem to have fixed the issue. The modules still remain there. When I add modules, sometimes after some restarting of webmin and logging out/in of the user it would appear and also same for disappearing, however for the modules Running Password, Change Passwords, File Manager. It just stays there no matter what I try.

The screenshot you attached is from the Server Templates, which wouldn't affect whether or not existing users can see those Webmin modules (changing Server Template settings would only affect new users, not existing users).

Can you attach a screenshot of the screen in Webmin -> Webmin -> Webmin Users -> USERNAME -> Available Webmin modules?

That's the screen which would affect whether or not existing users could access a Webmin module.


I have tried changing it from Webmin -> Webmin -> Webmin Users -> USERNAME -> Available Webmin modules

This however still does not fix the issue. I tried reloading CTRL + F5 and log out and in, it however still doesn't remove the module. Also, I see you mentioned that the server template is only for initial, however it seems that when I change something in there, it does reflect for existing users, as a matter of fact, I've done that multiple times, it's just for this case that it doesn't want to respond.

See attached image webminmodules.JPG to see what setting it is at and attached whatusersees.JPG after having tried to reload multiple time and trying your suggestion.

It seems quite a mystery for me why this is happening.

I would be able to show you through remote teamviewer to show you.