Yum on CenOS 5.x not compatible with http://people.redhat.com/rcollet/php54/rhel-php54.repo

It seems that Redhat has changed the PHP5.4 repo and uses the new sha256 checksum that yum on CentOS 5.x does not support. So if someone follows the instructions for multiple PHP versions will end up with a system that cannot update at all since yum stacks and has to remove software_collections_php54.repo from /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory In such a case yum will be restored but PHP 5.4 versions will no loger been updated. Is there any workaround?



Howdy -- thanks for the heads up, I'm looking into that.

There unfortunately may not be a workaround for the time being. It sounds like the way they build the repositories may have changed. With any luck, they'll undo that change and revert to the previous way of doing things which is compatible with CentOS 5.

But I'm looking into it to verify that I can reproduce the issue, as well as verify that there isn't a simple workaround.