missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

This is just one virtual WordPress account on a machine and the only one not working. It has be scratching my head for hours now. Wondering if I am missing something obvious. I am wondering what someone else would do different to figure out what the problem is.


In the error logs there is not much and nothing that seems to point out what the issue is.

[function.phpinfo]: It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings.

Any suggestions?



Howdy -- hmm, that phpinfo output doesn't actually show the MySQL module as being loaded.

What output do you see if you run this command:

cat /etc/php.d/mysql.ini

[root@javalin ~]# cat /etc/php.d/mysql.ini ; Enable mysql extension module extension=mysql.so

I changed the DNS back to a server I had moved it from a day or so ago. That will take the pressure off.

My only difficulty with the great Virtualmin is the lack of features for a hosting company that gives dedicated IP's to each virtual server. To restore it on another machine should you need to or wish to you have to give it a new IP and change the DNS. Or take the small chance something goes wrong with the restore and just delete the current website so that the IP is free to use. Backup and Restore work will almost always but not every time, so generally you don't want to get rid of the first before you restore the second. Which is why this site it still running on the original machine. Ironically original server no longer can create a backup file which is why I am trying to get off the machine.

There is probably a better way to do what I do about moving websites, there usually is, I just don't know it. We just don't want to stop giving out dedicated IP's, there are too many advantages to it.

Hrm, that's all kind of unusual... while the system config is indeed loading the MySQL module, it's not appearing in your loaded modules list.

One thing you may want to try is editing the php.ini file for that domain -- typically in $HOME/etc/php.ini, and to add this line to that file:


After that, does the MySQL module show up as being loaded?

Also, just to clarify -- are you saying there are other sites working properly which use MySQL?