Transfering virtual server looses email automatic reply message and options


We are currently moving all our virtual servers to new servers using Virtualmin backup and Restore, as usual Virtualmin makes it easy but we struck one thing yesterday that you might not be aware of.

If a email account has an automatic reply set up on the old server the backup is not transferring the message or settings to the new server except for the "Send automatic reply' box is still checked so once they have been moved the server starts sending blank automatic reply emails.

We are not worried about the missing message etc but need to be able to find any users that have the "Send automatic reply" after the transfer without going in to every user so we can turn them off, is there a way to to do this.

Thanks Greg



I did some testing, but wasn't able to re-produce this problem.

Can you check the new system's /etc/aliases file for the entry for one of these users, and post it here? It should be something like :

replyguy.autobackup: "|/etc/webmin/virtual-server/ /home/autobackup/autoreply-replyguy.autobackup.txt replyguy.autobackup /home/virtualmin-autoreply/13778379687013-autoreply-replyguy.autobackup.txt"

Also, check that the paths in that line actually exist.