Subversion setup?

Is there documentation for subversion. I have enabled the feature but can't seem to log in. Where are the setting to configure SVN? The references I found in the forum refer to user mail/ftp settings but this seems to be outdated. Please assist



Howdy -- what you're describing is correct -- once you've enabled SVN for a particular domain, and setup a repository -- what you'd do is go into Edit Users, select a particular user, and in the "Other user permissions" section, you can grant that user access to one or more repositories.

Where do you setup the repositories? Thanks

You should be able to do that within the "Services" link on the left, there should be an option for working with Subversion Repositories.

Let us know if you don't see that though.

Not seeing that. Can you post screenshots(s) of where the subversion settings are? Thanks

Ah, let's back up and make sure all we have everything setup as needed.

After installing the wbm-virtualmin-svn package, the first step is to go into System Settings -> Features and Plugins, and to enable the "Subversion repositories" option.

That just enables domains in Virtualmin to be able to access that feature... but it's still necessary to enable it for each domain you want to have access to it.

To do that, you can go into Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features, and there you can enable the "Subversion repositories" feature.

Once that is completed, you will have access to a new option... that's available in Services -> Subversion Repositories.

Using the Subversion Repositories screen, you can create repositories, assign users to a repository, and set whether or not anonymous access should be allowed.

If you've followed the above steps, but the "Subversion Repositories" option doesn't show up under "Services" for the domain Subversion is enabled for, that may mean something isn't working properly... let us know if that's the case -- one option is that we could log in and determine why that isn't showing up there for you.

I had it working right. Just was seeing the repositories link for some reason. I see it now. Thank you