"Website Disabled" message doesn't change when custom template with "Default" selected for "Apache?" is used

The option for changing the "Website Disabled" message to custom text only works for the virtual servers associated with Default Settings template. However, if one creates a custom template with "Default" selected for "Apache?" option, then the two options for using variables shown in https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xx:10000/help.cgi/virtual-server/disabled_web in Server Templates > Default Settings > Apache Website to create custom text for disabled message or redirect disabled websites to custom URL are useless.

Closed (fixed)


By the way, there is another issue related to custom modifications for disabled pages. When using ${DISABLED_TIME} variable, it outputs something like 1376647362, instead of human readable date and time. I believe this is Unix time. PRobably I was supposed to file separate issue for this, but just didn't want planting lot's of issues around.

Do you mean that you can't use the fields for setting a custom disabled template (because they are greyed out), or that the template you enter doesn't get used?

The problem with DISABLED_TIME is clearly a bug though, and will be fixed in the next Virtualmin release.

It is available there and one can set new settings using it, however It doesn't get used at all if a virtual server is associated with any custom template. This settings take effect only if a virtual server is associated with the default template.

I just tested this, and it worked fine for me.

In your custom template on the "Apache website" page, what is the "Directives and settings for new websites" set to?

It is "From default settings".

The "Virtualmin default" is selected for "Disabled website HTML".

And Default Settings template has the following code for Disabled website HTML > Enter below.. :

<h1>Website Disabled</h1>

<p>This website (http://${DOM}) has been disabled at ${DISABLED_TIME} for ${DISABLED_WHY}.</p>

I think for "Disabled website HTML" you need to select "From default settings" instead. This will cause the HTML from the "Default settings" template to be used.

My bad - Virtualmin default was chosen instead. Please consider this closed. Thanks!