Not able to configure ImageMagick properly

Hi, I have installed virtualmin on centos 6.4 64bit, everything is working fine, I have my website running but one thing I am not able to configure is ImageMagick. I have installed Imagemagick and imagick , it is showing that imagick in installed when i use this command php -m but the imagick properties are not shown through phpinfo() . Neither I am able to use the imagick functions resize etc in my scripts, though my script is working fine in my local machine.

Thanks for any help Amit



Howdy -- well, there's a number of possible causes thing you could try is to remove the file that's currently installed, and to install this version from the EPEL repository (links for i386 and x86_64:

However, it looks like you're using Virtualmin GPL there... The Support area here is for Virtualmin Pro customers. For folks using Virtualmin GPL, you'd want to use the Forums for support. We monitor those, along with lots of wonderful folks form the community.

If you have any followup questions, feel free to ask those over in the forums.

When doing so, included in your post how you installed imagick, and paste in the output of "php -m | grep imagick" and "php -i | grep Imagick". Thanks!

Sorry I didn't knew that this area was for Pro users, I thought it was for GPL.

Thanks for the reply. form the next time I will use the fourm.