Virtual Server Best Practices


What is the best way to create the following:

I thought that I should create a top-level Virtual Server called:

and then I'd create a sub-server under that:

but that doesn't seem right since the DNS zone has records like

All I want is another host in the same domain with a different DB/Website.

I think I'm not totally getting the concept of Top-level server vs. sub-server. My understanding was that the top-level server is the account so and then sub-servers could be that domain OR any other domain.

If anyone could point me to documentation, best practices, or just let me know if my thinking is correct I'd be very happy!

Thanks! Aaron



Howdy -- yup, you did it exactly right!

A top-level Virtual Server is just the primary domain in an account. A Sub-Server doesn't have to be a sub-domain -- it just refers to additional domains within that account.

Virtualmin views domain.tld and sub.domain.tld as the same thing -- they're both just types of domains which host websites.

Virtualmin creates a 'www' alias for all Virtual Servers and Sub-Servers being added, even if it's a sub-domain.

Does that answer your question? Feel free to let us know if you had any other questions about how all that works.


OK cool! I just wanted to make sure I was thinking about this correctly. When I noticed the I thought I was on the wrong track. But couldn't for the life of me figure out another way to do it :).


P.S. I have a bunch of other questions (about DNS & CLoudmin), but I'll do a bit more research first...

Thanks again for the help!

If questions about DNS remain open, feel free to ask. That's my ballpark (though I'm not from the Virtualmin team, but a user who likes to help). :)