Problem of access to production web server


I have a serious problem. I have virutalmin pro, which I worked perfectly so far. It occurred to me to test and install cloudmin I was failing everything. First could not create the network bridge, and second to uninstall trash left me.

I have production server as part of having inaccessible websites I can not lift the bind and web domains resolves.

This is the output I get:

Falla al iniciar servicio : Fallo al arrancar BIND: Iniciando named: [FALLÓ]

/var/log/messages "error named" attached screenshot

I checked the zones and are all well ..: No errors were found in the BIND configuration file /etc/named.conf or referenced zone files.

I hope your help, thank you very much



Howdy -- it appears as if BIND is receiving a "Permission denied" error when trying to read the config file, /etc/named.conf.

What output do you receive if you run this command:

ls -l /etc/named.conf