RFE: Subdomain addition for "while you wait for your domain registration" service

Chris Blackwell requested the ability to automatically generate an alias of "domain.hosting-provider.com" when creating a new "domain.com" domain. This would allow users to immediately begin accessing their website by a reasonably easy to remember name, even if they haven't yet completed registration of their domain, or if they are migrating from another host and haven't made the DNS change yet.

This can easily be done for Apache with something like:

ServerAlias ${DOM}.hosting-provider.com

But the BIND entry has to happen in the hosting-provider.com zone rather than the new zone belonging to the new domain...so the template can't do it.

Is there a way to do it that I'm missing, or can we add some kind of capability like this? Maybe just a button to setup a subdomain within the default zone automatically.

Closed (fixed)