Password shadow from md5 to sha512

Hello Folks!

I have headed some kind of bug.

I have LOT of users migrated over from another older system, they all have md5 shadow hashes, which I inhereted to new system for a smoth migration.

Idea was then, at first time password needed to be changed sha512 should be generated, but it is not the case, still md5 hashes is generated for those users.

I use latest virtualmin gpl installed by your scripts. 1. authconfig --test | grep hashing password hashing algorithm is sha512 2. webmin -> system -> users & groups module configuration is set to sha512 3. webmin -> usermin module configuration -> password encryption metode is set to sha512

Examination tests made: When users change passwords from command line, it works md5->sha512 When users change expired passwords prompted at login to usermin, no work md5->md5 or sha512->sha512 When users change passwords logged in to usermin, it works md5->sha512 When virtualmin "domain owner" or root change passwords for users, no work md5->md5 or sha512->sha512

I can not figure out what goes wrong, my skills in perl is not good enough.



There are a few different code paths involved here for changing passwords in Virtualmin, but at the very least a change made on the "Edit User" page should use the configured hashing method.

Did you change the hashing method at Webmin -> System -> Users and Groups -> Module Config -> New user options -> Password hashing method?