Un-Suspend Issues?

Hi Guys,

I use WHMCS with the Virtualmin module. Once in a blue moon the system will suspend someone who's been slackin' off on payment and they'll eventually get around to it. When the system un-suspends them there's been a consistent problem and as far as I know it's a huge pain in the neck to fix.

I don't know if it's because the module isn't using the suspend function and doing something stupid or if the suspend function has, for some reason not been working right.

The symptom is sites not coming back on. DNS failure. When you check, the DNS records remain site.tld.disabled. - like this: http://shots.balboatech.com/image/3g1J1H1C0b2h

I'd just mass search/replace with VI but I always have such fantastic luck with Virtualmin that the idea of risking getting it confused with manual intervention is depressing at best. :-)

Still the main thing is that people should be able to get their sites back without manual intervention.

Any help would be awesome!





Howdy -- is WHMCS running on the same server as Virtualmin?

And do you have that same problem when performing a suspend/unsuspend from within Virtualmin, or does that only occur when using WHMCS?

That's a funny one actually. If I pick a site I don't mind breaking, and try it both ways, it seems to work fine both ways. :-/

So except for the fact that I see this happen now & then I'd just think I was crazy. :-P