/var/log/bandwidth is too large

My /var/log/bandwidth file is 44GB and growing. I think I may have made some modifications to the log settings but I don't recall where.

Can you let me know what settings will control the size of the file and the rotation?

Thank you



Howdy -- are you using the bandwidth monitoring in Webmin -> Networking -> Bandwidth Monitoring?

That's not enabled by default, but would indeed consume quite a bit of disk space and CPU time.

The default way that Virtualmin calculates bandwidth usage is based on existing logfiles for Apache, email, and ProFTPd -- Virtualmin runs a regular process to determine how much bandwidth has been used based on those logfiles.

It's configured in System Settings -> Bandwidth Monitoring.

If that would be sufficient (and is normally what we recommend), you could always disable the more intensive monitoring system, and use the default system.

If that's not what you want, and you'd prefer the bandwidth monitoring enabled via Webmin, we can dig into that more, and figure out how to rotate the logfile more often.

The first place to start, is what is the date of the first entry in /var/log/bandwidth?

Yes I had bw monitoring turned on. I don't need it anymore so I'm turning it off and deleting /var/log/bandwidth