Limit Mysql Access


I'm new to Virtual and am evaluating PRO.

I'm all setup and really digging the software it's awesome.

I have a question relating to mysql and the default permissions. First I'm using a remote mysql server so my DB and web server are separate boxes.

Next I do not allow any public DB connections. Everything happens internally so I'd only like the following allowed host to be created on virtual server creation:

webserver-internal --> database-interal

right now three are getting created:

Internal IP External IP hostname of webserver

I guess it doesn't matter since I'm blocking things using iptables BUT I'd really like to keep it simple and just not have the entries created.

Thanks! Aaron



BTW I tried to delete the forum topic as it was redundant and I was looking for a support request but I couldn't.

My question is:

How do I limit virtualmin to only create the mysql user account to allow access to the internal interface address and not the external and hostname?

Thanks, Aaron

Unfortunately you can't suppress those automatically added hosts / IPs currently - Virtualmin will always grant access to the IP and hostname of the Virtualmin system, as well as any addresses you add to the "Allowed MySQL client hosts" template field. This is done to ensure that the system isn't blocked from connecting to MySQL by client IP restrictions that it sets up.

OK fair enough! Just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything I was missing! Thanks again!