[bug] changing domain name doesn't update logrotate.conf

Hi Team,

I recently create a domain, let say example.org then I realize it should be example.com and decide to change domain name from WebGUI.

Everything went fine but backup stops.

It is the same as http://www.virtualmin.com/node/27328

and I found that the /etc/logrotate.conf was not up to date with new domain example.com and still looking after example.org_access_log and example.org_error_log

my setup is Debian Squeeze 64bits Webmin 1.630 Virtualmin 4.01 GPL

Here is the email result of the backup where it says the backup were completed in 0 second

Backup is partially complete. [...]

Virtual servers that failed :
Creating backup for virtual server example.com ..
    Copying virtual server configuration ..
    .. done

    Backing up Cron jobs ..
    .. none defined.

    Saving mail aliases ..
    .. done

    Saving mail and FTP users ..
    .. done

    Backing up all mail files ..
    .. done

    Backing up mail and FTP user Cron jobs ..
    .. none to backup

    Copying Apache virtual host configuration ..
    .. done

    Copying Webalizer configuration files ..
    .. done

    Copying Logrotate configuration ..
    .. no log rotation configuration found!

    Dumping MySQL database unicat_admin ..
    .. done

    Backing up Webmin ACL files ..
    .. done

    Creating incremental TAR file of home directory ..
    .. done

.. completed in 0 seconds


That sounds like a bug..

Could you post the block from /etc/logrotate.conf for this domain?