Virtualmin mismatch DNS records and shared ip of website

Virtualmin create dns A records with system default shared address other than chosen website shared ip Also do not change dns A record, when I change website shared IP.



Howdy -- hmm, I wasn't able to reproduce the problem you're describing.

What I did was setup a Debian server, and I added two shared IP addresses on it.

I created a new Virtual Server, using the second, non-default shared IP.

When I reviewed the DNS records, they were all correctly setup to use the non-default shared IP.

Next, I went into Server Configuration -> Change IP Address, and I changed the IP to the default shared IP address, and that correctly updated all the IP's in the DNS zone.

Does that sound similar to what you tried when you had the problem?

Does that occur when adding new domains, or is that just a problem with one particular domain?

And which Webmin and Virtualmin versions are you using?

When adding a new domain. Webmina 1.631 Virtualmina 4.01 Pro

Of course, when I change IP - it is on existing created earlier domain.

Hmm, since we can't reproduce this issue on our systems, I think we'd need to log into your system and create a Virtual Server there, in order to see what's occurring.

Would that be possible?

If so, could you either email root login details to, or place them here? I'll mark this ticket as private so that only the Virtualmin staff can see it.