Cloudmin Services MySql problem

I have added a new virtualmin host machine and a new db services machine to the mix, and when i try to create a new virtual server, the mysql client login is created, but when it creates the database it does create it, but returns a failure to the server.

Here's the message:

Creating MySQL login on services host .. .. created on

Creating MySQL database test120 on services host .. .. creation error : MySQL database grant to owner failed : Failed to fetch allowed hosts for user o_wsargent




When deleting servers, i get this message:

Deleting MySQL database test108 on services host .. .. deletion failed : No provisioning record for database test108, owner wsargent and host found

Ok, so this issue is resolved for me, but i don't know if its design or bug.

Here is what i did: Cloudmin services likes 1 option for db per server, so: I created a system owner for the new group, and limited access to only one db server. On the web server, under mysql webmin panel, i cleared out the login for the remote server, and set it as the new system owner. Then i resubscribed to cloud services using the new owner.(with no virtual servers created)

Now when i create a server, the db and login are created properly.

I suspect that the webmin module config was the source of the issue, but it seems best practice to limit a web server to one mysql server.

I'm a little confused as to what happened here. Is it perhaps possible that the original user being used to connect to MySQL didn't have permissions to login from the Virtualmin host?