Change of External IP does not update Cluster Slave

After changing a Virtual Server's External IP configuration, the Cluster Slave DNS servers does not reflect the new External IP Address as the Master Server IP.

This breaks the DNS Slaves.



Did the primary IP of the system change in this case? Normally changing the external IP of a domain has no effect on the system's primary address, and so there is no need to update the master IP.

The domain's external IP and the System primary address is the same in this case.

For instance.

Old System External IP: Old Domain External IP:

Slave DNS Master Server:

New System External IP: New Domain External IP:

Slave DNS Master Server:

I think what Virtualmin should really do in this case is detect when your eth0 IP address has changed, and updated slave master nameservers to match. I'll look into fixing this.

This will be added in the next Virtualmin release.

I think I have run into the same issue. I was in the process of migrating the master hosting server to a new network+external ip address. The result was that I can no longer push updates for the actual domains because the master server is no longer accurate in each zone. Has this update been pushed? or is there a better way to force the masters to update in each zone than manually editing each zone?

My problem is somewhat compounded by the fact that some of the dns servers need to be moved as well. It may be a chicken an egg situation where I need to move the master before slave or vice versa.

The work-around for this in the short term is to remove all the slave domains, and then re-add them.

This is best done using Virtualmin's command line API, with a command like :

virtualmin modify-dns --domain --remove-slave xxx
virtualmin modify-dns --domain --add-slave xxx

where xxx is the hostname of the slave DNS server, as shown at Webmin -> Servers -> BIND DNS Server -> Cluster Slave Servers.