Spamassassin with mail relay

I have a transport setup in Postfix for one of my domains. When I tried to select Spam filtering as a feature for the domain, I get an error saying Mail must also be selected, however I don't want local delivery for the domain. Is there a setting in VMin to scan e-mail even if there is a transport to a back-end server?



Howdy -- with the way Virtualmin's SpamAssassin integration works, it requires a local user in order to perform spam scanning (as well as virus scanning).

Spam and virus scanning are performed during the delivery process, using procmail.

One way to get around that would be to create local users on that domain, and have each of those local users configured to forward email elsewhere.

Thank you.... Bummer though because I was hoping to only maintain the users on Exchange. I see MIMEDefang is available for Postfix, but VMin says it will only work with Sendmail

So is there a way to have Postfix scan for Spam and Virii using the content_filter setting? Would I just set it to localhost:10024?

I'm not aware of a way to use Postfix to perform a spam and virus scan using the Postfix content_filter option... I believe the only way you could accomplish that is to install some sort of third party software to handle the scanning.