Request Addition to Virtualmin Docs RE:Git

Under the Git section of Vmin, it does give the command to rm the git.conf file from httpd.

I would like to note though that when I ran that command the file didn't exist, or perhaps since I was having problems I installed git and gitweb again from yum, and the file may have come back.

This was causing the dreaded "Internal Server Error" that had me running around the web, and honestly I was like "If I can't get git running, I might have to ditch my whole setup.."

May I suggest adding a troubleshooting section to the Vmin Docs, that cover two areas: 1 - Check for and remove git.conf first (or if there is any reason someone needs a git.conf? maybe which directive is the problem) 2 - The suexec owner:user problem and how to fix it

Thanks guys!



The git.conf file has to be removed, as otherwise it sets an Apache config for the /git path that conflicts with what Virtualmin sets up.

So was your problem that git.conf came back when some package was installed or upgraded?