problems restoring backups.

I recently moved to a new server, this time with postfix, the old one was sendmail based.

After the restore process, that goes fine in virtualmin restore panel, i had 2 problems.

1) i have changed in the new server the default domain subdir to $DOM, virtualmin restore the backups in the correct place, but in the virtualhost pnp.ini still have the path for "tmp & session directory" to the old position. I had to correct them manually for each virtualhost.

2) to make simple the migration from sendmail to postfix i had to change in postfix & dovecot the default Maildir to "mail" becouse the restore proces will not recognise the old "mail" dir and add a new "Maildir".

Sorry for my rusty english. Kind regards.



Thanks - those sound like bugs.

For number 1, can you give me an example of the paths you are using for your virtual server home directories?

Hi Jamie,

The old position for tmp & session was the default one in virtualmin: /home/howner-username/tmp , the new position is /home/domain-name/tmp. It appen also to the subdomains, old position /home/howner-username/domains/domain-name/tmp , the new position is /home/domain-name/domains/domain-name/tmp

The position of the php.ini is the default one in virtualmin, old position: /home/howner-username/etc/php5/php.ini, new position: /home/domain-name/etc/php5/php.ini

I found one more problem, all the restored virtualhost has moved from FCGId to Apache mod_php during the restore, i had to change it manually for all virtualhost.

Kind regards.

That's odd, as Virtualmin has code already to fix session.save_path and upload_tmp_dir . Were those the specific settings in php.ini that you had to change?

Also, when restoring did you see a message like .. mode fcgid cannot be used, switching to mod_php ? That could explain both problems.

Hi Jamie,

During the restore i got:

Checking restored PHP execution mode ..
.. mode Apache mod_php OK for this system

But the original virtualhost was on FCGId..

After this i have switched back to FCGId on virtualmin interface, and i had to change from the virtualmin interface under services->php configuration the path of sessions & tmp directory to correct place.

from: /home/howner-username/tmp
to: /home/domain-name/tmp

Any chance I could take a look at the backup file for this domain to see why Virtualmin thought it was on the wrong mode?

Hi jamie,

unfortunately i can't send you the entire backup file, but if you tell me which files you need i can extract them and send them to your mailbox. If it is fine for you, tell me an address to which i can sent it.

Hi jamie,

I sent the requested file by email.