When adding domains and saving DKIM, OpenDKIM is not restarted (service opendkim reload is broken)

Email Settings ---> DomainKeys Identified Mail --> Add domains + SAVE

Does not restart OpenDKIM.

Thus new domains do not get signed...

(service opendkim reload is broken, answers "not running" while it is running)


service opendkim restart

works around that.

But would still rate it as a small bug.



If you go to Webmin -> System -> Bootup and Shutdown, click on the opendkim service and click the Restart button, does that apply the configuration?

I didn't do that, but typed as root:

service opendkim restart

which applied the config properly.

("service opendkim reload" has not worked, as it did tell something like "not started", whilie "service opendkim start" said it was already running, then "service opendkim restart" stopped and started (and applied the setting) properly.

I guess "service opendkim restart" is equivalent to Webmin -> System -> Bootup and Shutdown, click on the opendkim service and click the Restart button.

Could you post the output that Virtualmin displays when you add some domains to DKIM sign and click the Save button? It should stop and re-start the OpenDKIM daemon as part of that process.

Sorry for delay. Sure:

Finding virtual servers to enable DKIM for ..
.. found 4 servers

Extracting public key from private key in /etc/dkim.key ..
.. done

Setting domain and selector in DKIM filter configuration ..
.. done

Adding DKIM records to DNS domain joomlapolis.org ..
.. records already exist

Adding DKIM records to DNS domain software4joomla.com ..
.. added successfully

Adding DKIM records to DNS domain lightning.ch ..
.. records already exist

Adding DKIM records to DNS domain joomlapolis.com ..
.. records already exist

Enabling DKIM filter at boot time ..
.. done

Starting DKIM filter ..
.. done

Configuring mail server to use DKIM filter ..
.. done

Re-starting DNS server ..
.. done

Re-starting slave DNS servers ..
.. done

Note it's saying "Starting DKIM" and not "Restarting" if that matters. And at no point it says "Stopping DKIM". However DKIM was running before and after pressing Save. (the above was with Virtualmin 3.99 and Webmin 1.620. Now updated)

That message is a bit misleading - it actually does stop and re-start the DKIM server if it is running.


Maybe it's because one of our 2 secondary DNS servers was completely down (shut-off) that it triggered the bug ?

i somehow don't recall having seen that full screen when saving when it didn't restart dkim.

(btw unrelated tiny bug (not worth a ticket) in the Webmin BIND TXT entries display: when truncating with "..." at end it doesn't look at html entities. I was surprised to see a space at end of visible part displaying as "&nb..." (was probably   but made me surprised lol)

A DNS server being down could certainly cause this.

Regarding the issue with the TXT record, could you attach a screenshot to this bug?

We still had 2 other DNS servers up, just third secondary one was temporarily down...

Attached screenshot (removed private info)

Thanks - I'll fix that up in the next Webmin release.