.us domain extension not resolving externally

from virtualmin . create virtual server options.

setup dns properly. checked ns, ns resolves internally only. everything resolves properly internally. external not found. works ok with .com domains.

host and dig commands work fine and am able to ping, no firewall issues.



Howdy -- there shouldn't be any problems with having a .us domain.

What is the domain name that isn't working?

There appears to be some sort of configuration problem, though it's difficult to say what exactly.

One thing to verify is that there should be a DNS 'A' record for "NS1.HOLISTICMEDICINE.US" setup in System Settings -> DNS Records.

I setup. Com domains with no problems. With. Us It's another story. Ns a record present. Nameserver registered at registrar as well.

We're unfortunately not able to reproduce any problems with .us domains... the issue you're seeing seems to be specific to your system there.

In addition to having an NS record for NS1.HOLISTICMEDICINE.US, we'd also recommend adding an 'A' record.

What is your Virtualmin server's IP address?