Mysql permissions are not granted when creating a new virtual-server

I have 2 machines with virtualmin ("VM").

In the first, VM works as expected:

when creating a virtual-server, VM also creates a DB, a DB-user, and DB-password.

then it automatically granted that user permissions to that DB.

in the newer (installed just 2 weeks ago), second machine, the new user is created, but without ANY permissions.

screenshot: users created via Virtualmin don't get permissions (sorry - upload doesn't work well today in the forums)

is it a bug?

if there's a "switch" for granting/not granting permissions - where is it? i didn't find it in the template.

another user mentioned the problem in a forum message on January this year, but I didn't see any reply.



Those permissions at the user level shouldn't be needed though - instead, if you click on Database Permissions you should see the grants for each user and his databases.