Install script for Mantis doesn't work


Just been trying to install Mantis via the install scripts and it doesn't work. I get the following;

Found in cache ..

Configuring webserver PHP settings .. .. already done. Applying web server configuration .. .. done

Now installing Mantis version 1.2.15 .. Failed to install script : SQL update mantis_user_table set username = ?, email = ?, password = ? where id = 1 failed : Table 'ict22_co_uk_mantis.mantis_user_table' doesn't exist

I'm trying to install on my virtual server, only parameter that gets changed is the install directory to test/bugs



What tables exist in the database ict22_co_uk_mantis ?

Hi Jamie,

The database exists, but no tables exist at all in the database.

To eliminate the possibility it did this due to multiple attempts I've removed all database and mantis files and started clean. But the script does the same thing, it doesn't generate tables for the database.

PS. I've also got wordpress installed and that script worked fine :)

Yes, the tables get created properly that way and some default information put in.

Whilst I got it going for myself this morning (took a dump from another installation, and created the database manually and uploaded the information) I do appreciate it when the scripts could be corrected such that it works for my clients...

Thanks, JP

Yes, it should work .. and does on our test systems. But to see why it is failing, you'd have to run through the install process manually.