Problem with Virtual Domain


I have Virtualmin pro!

Virtual domains having the Synology NAS instead I worked well in Virtualmin pro does not work!

I have several domains which had them housed in a "Synology NAS" with their virtual domains. Which had the following configuration:

folder> folder> folder1> folder1> folder2> folder2>

The problem is that when you enter any of the pages with me entered his domain and corresponding domain location. I created the same domains with Virtualmin configurator in principle is good, but when I access any of the domains I open the folder corresponding domain. So, I will have one common page.

indicate that an ip synology was used generally for all domains. In Virtualmin've done the same, is a shared local IP for all domains. I do not know that it does not work as it happens. It should work since the configurator to generate Virtualmin virtual domains should foresee that right? What is going wrong? Thanks in advance

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