S3 Backup error

I have seen this issue posted before on the forums but I could not find an answer. The attempt to backup to the S3 gives the error that the secret access is wrong. I have one WordPress plugin that works, testing another called UpdraftPlus that gives the same error as the Virtulmin S3 backup. I also use a Firefox tool that has no issues accessing the S3 account. Very mixed results. There are only two files plus the bucket name to fill in. I know the access values are correct and have tried bucket names with and without a slash and in the case of UpdraftPlus, it will create a bucket if it is not there and that does not work either.

You would think it would be foolproof. Any suggestions Mr. Wizard?



Is the bucket you are trying to backup to in the default S3 region (us-east-1), or was it created somewhere else, like in Europe?

It is not Europe. I assumed Googles northern California data center. I don't know how to tell for sure but I did have the option of Europe which I declined to select.

Could you post the exact error message that you are getting?

From Virtualmin: Backup failed : Missing or invalid S3 authentication key

From - UpdraftPlus Backup/Restore (WordPress plugin) Setting test results: Failure: We could not successfully access or create such a bucket. Please check your access credentials, and if those are correct then try another bucket name (as another S3 user may already have taken your name).

And yet these same credentials work in a different program. I don't even have a theory why they are not working in Virtualmin. There is no delay when the backup button is pushed. It does not give me the impression it is really trying anything as it would not be instant would it?

From that error, it sounds like Virtualmin is rejecting the secret authentication key because the format is wrong.

It should be formatted something like q3ibooPzHWs0gGt9myIkCxtGtD0JoBkItDNiWCpX