Data recovery vm who owned cpanel

Hello I had to turn off the server due to lack of system resource. The Hadware is very weak and not supported the demands of the system. I have a vm on the server that is currently offline, ie no link, however in HD are all vms that I possessed and in particular a businessconnection that the account had not webmin, only centos with cpanel which does not have more online access. I looked in the system folders but not found where the sites I had hosted this account. Is there a way to recover this data, the sites were hosted on this account diretamante server that is no link at the moment? thank you



I'm not quite sure what you are asking here ... are you looking for a way to extract files from a VM disk image?

I want to recover data that are within a virtual machine with cpanel. This VM are many sites. There is how to retrieve this content from the server offline directly from the console of the linux server?

Ok, I see now.

Are these Xen VM disk images? If so, you should be able to access their contents with a command like :

mkdir /mnt/myvm
mount -o loop /backup/myvm.img /mnt/myvm

The contents of the VM's filesystem will then be available under /mnt/myvm