License is not applied automatically after upgrade to Unlimited

Hi there,

a few hours ago (8 or so) I've upgraded my 50-server-license to Unlimited/Lifetime Update. The backend still states the license has exprired. What has to be done to make it work?

Thanks, Holger



Howdy -- unfortunately, it looks like you purchased an upgrade from a Virtualmin Unlimited, to a Virtualmin Lifetime Unlimited.

In order to upgrade your Virtualmin 50 to a a Virtualmin Lifetime Unlimited -- you'd first need to purchase the upgrade to 100, then the upgrade to 250, then purchase the upgrade to the Virtualmin Unlimited.

Once you have the Virtualmin Unlimited -- we could apply the upgrade to Lifetime Unlimited.

If you prefer, we could instead refund the upgrade you purchased, if you'd rather just purchase the Virtualmin 50 renewal.

Thanks for the information. So if I now purchase these several upgrades (upgrade to 100, upgrade to 250, upgrade to Virtualmin Unlimited) this would be additional 300 USD. Can you then apply them all to my existing license together with the upgrade to Unlimited Lifetime?

Yeah, if you buy the upgrade to 100 ($100), the upgrade to 250 ($100), and the upgrade to Unlimited ($100), we could then apply the Virtualmin Lifetime Unlimited license you already purchased -- which would give you a license with unlimited domains that never expires.

done... ;-)

When will you be able to apply all the upgrades to my existing license?

Sorry for the delay. I've applied your upgrades. Thanks for using Virtualmin!

If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know.