Restore option "Original IP" not working

Hi all,

I am trying to restore a virtual server and keep the original IP that the backup has configured for it. I will be moving the IP address from the other server to this one *after* the restores are finished.

However even though I checking the "Original IP" option, it is still configuring the restore virtual server with the server's own IP.

Am I misunderstanding what this option is supposed to do?




Did the domain have its own private IP on the original system?

If it did, that "original IP" option is supposed to preserve it when restoring.

Hey Jamie,

Nope, sounds like I was just misunderstanding what the help page was telling me for that option. The accounts are just using the server's shared IP. Now that I re-read it with fresh eyes I see it flat out tells me it won't use the old shared IP (or use the private IP from the original system if it wasn't on a shared address.).

My fault for misreading. Might be a good option though in the future to make it have the ability to restore the account with the original IP, regardless of if it was a private IP or not. Can make account staging for server moves, where the IP addresses are also going with the accounts to the new server, much easier.

What you'd want to do in that case is first add a new shared IP on the target system that matches the shared IP on the source, and then select that IP when restoring the domain.

Yeah, but unfortunately not practical when you only have remote access, and you need the original server to continue in production until the switch-over. 2 IPs on the same network doesn't work out very well usually :-)

I was able to get the move completed with minimal downtime - Virtualmin detected on its own that the shared IP changed for the accounts when I brought the new server up with the original IP from the original server, and offered to update all of the accounts with the new, original, IP.