Cloudmin Services Client (Virtaulmin option under System Settings)

Server A: Virtualmin Pro on a server with one public IP Server B: Virtualmin GPL on a server with one public IP

Server B acts as a secondary mailserver and as a DNS slave (all done within Virtualmin and this works great!)

Now I like to host my MySQL also on Server B. There is an option in Virtualmin (System Setting -> Cloudmin Services Client). Is this the way to go? Do I have other possibilities in Virtualmin to setup a secure public connection between my 2 servers?

I am concerned because the traffic is going over the intenet between 2 totally different public IPs? My websites/PHP-scripts run on serverA where the password to connect to the database resides Untill now there was no security problem because everything was on the same machine (localhost)

I am also concerned about Roundcube which uses also MySQL. I would prefer that the databases for RoundCube to stay on serverA.

Can you give me some directions on the best way to go?

Thanks in advance!



The "cloudmin services" page isn't what you are looking for - instead you will need to configure Virtualmin on system A to use MySQL on system B. This can be done at Webmin -> Servers -> MySQL Database Server -> Module Config, via the "MySQL host to connect to" field.

HOWEVER, you don't want to do this if you already have databases on system A - because it is a server-side change. Generally this kind of configuration should only be done when setting up a new system, rather than on an existing one.

Okay, thank you. A few more questions on this.

Is the communication between the 2 servers encrypted? (if so, can you tell me in short how this is done?).

Do I have to create the users/permissions/etc for de database on serverA/web or on serverB/remote?

Running MYSQL on a remote server: is this going to complicate a Roundcube setup?

  1. No, MySQL connections are not encrypted by default.

  2. Virtualmin will set up the needed users and permissions - all it needs in advance is permission for server A to connect to MySQL on server B.

  3. If you use Virtualmin to install Roundcube, it will be automatically configured to connect to the remote MySQL server.