PhpGedView Script Feature Request

I do not see any Family Tree Scripts in Virtualmin, I have tested out all open source projects I know of, and PhpGedView seems to be the best, it worked great under CentOS 5.x, but on new install of CentOS 6.x, I ran into a data issue, and then I installed it in the Parent Domain, and ran into an issue where it was running code from the Main Domain, that is in the Sub Domain, so clearly this issues needs to be resolved before adding the script for use, I started a forum thread here: I was hoping to fix this issue before requesting it as a feature, so this is on hold till we can fix this issue, so I thought I would add it here also.

The issue I was having fixed itself, it seems its working fine now and should work great.




I had a look, and phpGedView should be possible to support in Virtualmin - it looks like a pretty standard PHP app. I will look into adding an installer for it.