"Disable On Schedule" cannot work

I have a vhost, and want to disable virtual server on schedule. When I go to "When to disable" and choose "on date" for a future day, I click the save button. A few seconds later, it also show "Nerver". Why ?

Operating system : CentOS Linux 6.3 Webmin version : 1.62 Virtualmin version : 3.99.gpl GPL



That's odd, this works fine for me.

Did you select the "On date" radio box before entering a date to disable on?

Oh, I do. I go to the "Disable On Schedule" menu, and then I enter a furute date with selecting the "on date" radio box. In fact, all virtual server on my server cannot be disable on schedule with that steps. What's happened on my server?

If you setup a disable at some point in the future, and then SSH into the system and run the command atq , does it show a command like virtualmin disable-domain --domain example.com scheduled?